Tannenberg Will Have Bullet Penetration, Alpha Sign-Up Now Live
(Last Updated On: September 4, 2017)

Tannenberg is an upcoming indie WW1 FPS game that expands the breadth of Verdun in a standalone package, which happens to be by the same creators Blackmill Games and M2H. Joining the new addition of bullet penetration to the game comes an alpha sign-up program that’s currently live.

For starters, the developers want to keep Tannenberg as close as WW1 as the first world war goes, meaning that no political correctness will be in the game. This means that it will center around the Austro-Hungarian empire against the Russian empire, with the German empire aiding its neighboring kingdom (Austro-Hungarian) on the brutal “Eastern-Front”.

Publishers and developers known as Blackmill Games and M2H, the ones behind Tannenberg and Verdun, seek to make the game as devastating as possible. No hand holding, no easy way out; it all focuses on bolt-action rifle firefights and gore laden semi-trench warfare.

To facilitate the very horrors of WW1, a new dynamic measure had to be implemented to reflect the uncertainty of one’s well being in that bullets and other particles can penetrate through soft cover (like wood). It is said that when a bullet meets wood, dirt or flesh, it will penetrate them and will continue to do damage beyond the initial impact.

If that sounds like fun, the devs currently have an alpha sign-up that is going on right now offering a chance to help the devs fix up known or unknown issues in Tannenberg:

“To close things off we wanted to share a link with you, giving you the option to sign up for Tannenberg Alpha testing.This is a traditional test phase though, not just some PR stunt in disguise, or chance for you to play the game for free. We’re hard at work perfecting the game so we need testers who are willing to take an active role in testing and hunting for potential bugs, in order to make Tannenberg the game we all want it to be.”

There will be an NDA if you happen to get in, so no filming or talking about the game to outsiders who don’t have access to Tannenberg’s alpha. If you did not make it in the alpha or you want to learn more about the game, Westie has a video covering the WW1 FPS game’s latest updates as seen below.

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