The Architect: Paris Lets You Decide The Fate Of The City’s Future
The Architect Paris

A new game from Enodo Games called The Architect: Paris sees players building out districts located within Paris, turning it into a fantastically bourgeois metropolitan. You’ll probably want to monitor your borders, however… you wouldn’t want riots and Antifa thugs burning down your beautiful town.

The Architect Paris was highlighted recently with a new trailer by the developers, featuring instrumental dream music, not unlike some of the earlier work from The Art of Noise. You can check out the dreamy two minute trailer below, which highlights the gameplay and features of the upcoming title.

Some really cool features of the game includes being able to design your own buildings and the modules that go onto the buildings. We get a quick sampling of the different kinds of unique architecture and modern layouts that can be utilized to completely bring awe and delight to your citizens.

You can choose things like the height of the building, the shape, the window layout, the roofing, and some of the decorations that go onto it as well.

There are also various management challenges to overcome as well. During the video they mention that climate change will be one of the major factors you’ll have to overcome while building the city, making and designing energy efficient structures to deal with drastic changes in the weather, as well as keeping the people from engaging in upheaval against your administration.

And speaking of the undesirables mentioned earlier in the article… you will have to strategically deal with squatters, low-rent plebeians, and criminals.

One of the tricks to the game is that you won’t have to build the city from scratch. You’ll start with a template and design new buildings, food processing plants, energy stations and more as you attempt to keep the people appeased and move Paris into a fruitful and productive future.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website. It’s been in development for the last few years, so hopefully it is prepping to release soon.


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