The Punisher’s Full Trailer Looks Like The Best Netflix Series To Date
The Punisher Netflix

Netflix released the very first full trailer for The Punisher. No more mini-clips, teases, and quick-edit foreplay. This time around the company unleashed a full two and a half minute long trailer that gives viewers exactly what they asked for: The Punisher.

Jon Bernthal assumes the role of Frank Castle, an ex-military and CIA operative who ends up on the wrong side of an operation, resulting in him and his family supposedly being executed. Frank is presumed dead after a bullet wound to the head, but he doesn’t die. Instead, he seeks punishment.

The trailer, however, sets it up where Castle isn’t just out to right wrongs but he’s actually the one being hunted by various organizations. You can check out the two and a half minute trailer below.

So he has Homeland, the FBI, the CIA and local PD after him? I suppose that sort of explains why he was facing off against some marines in the woodlands.

The music is very fitting, the action beats look badass, and Bernthal looks like he handles his hardware well. It’s like they took all the best parts from the previous three Punisher flicks and combined them together: the emotional backstory from the 2004 outing, the broken and mentally damaged elements from the 1989 version, and the action and gunplay from the 2008 version. Not bad.

One of the biggest problems Netflix series suffer from is awful mid-season pacing. Hopefully they make sure that the middle episodes make sense and are properly fleshed out without all the filler, something that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage suffered from.

On the upside, it looks like the show won’t be shying away from the gritty, bloody-action that viewers expect from The Punisher.

The Punisher – Headshot

The release date is still blurred out, but some previous reports indicate that we could be looking at a November release.

I’m glad Netflix finally has a show that isn’t muddled in millennial sociopolitics and bullcrap SJWism.

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