Thomas Jane Cooks Up Scary Transformation In Stephen King’s 1922 Trailer
1922 - Thomas Jane

Listening to Thomas Jane narrate the trailer for the Netflix exclusive movie 1922, which is based on the Stephen King Novel, might give you shades of hearkening to Billy Bob Thorton’s turn in the 1996 drama, Sling Blade. Except here, Jane isn’t disadvantaged, he’s not off a beat or slow to step. Here, he’s on his game as a spiteful, selfish, and murderous husband who wants to keep what’s his, his.

The two and a half minute trailer starts off like it’s going to be a marital drama – something akin to a period piece capturing the domestic affairs of two individuals growing apart; a homestead version of There Will Be Blood. Except that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

1922‘s trailer slowly builds with methodical refrain, spending the first third setting up an (un)expected twist, and then spending the rest making you wonder if retribution will be served or if horror is simply the order of the day for Thomas Jane’s Wilfred James. You can check out the trailer below.

It’s great to see Molly Parker back in a more mainstream role. She’s usually relegated to the oftentimes arthouse-nouveau of Canadian cinema, but she seems to have a significant enough role here in 1922 to play well off the surly character of Wilfred James.

It’s amazing how the character of James moves from antipathy towards his wife’s willingness to leave the farm behind, to a completely pusillanimous dastard being haunted by his wife’s ghost and hunted by the feisty rats that follow.

It looks like one of those small, contained films. Even still, at least it’s a period piece within the horror genre so it’s not just another modern day, teenage slasher flick. Also, it’s good to see Jane finally getting out of the rut of DTV films and forgettable television series. Of course, it doesn’t mean that 1922 is going to be good… but the trailer certainly looks appealing. Plus, there’s always that soft spot for some of us Punisher fans who feel betrayed by the producers for not following up and doing a proper sequel to the 2004 flick.

Anyway, 1922 is due to air on Netflix (and you might catch it sailing through the raging digital rivers) starting October 20th.


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