Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie Trailer Is Filled To The Brim With Gory Fluids
Tokyo Ghoul

The live-action interpretation of the popular manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul received its first major trailer ahead of its release on October 16th. The trailer is chock full of fluids and gore and blood – it’s exactly what you would expect from something attempting to be faithful to the source material.

Director Kentarô Hagiwara seems to have been able to bring the manga to life in a way that’s just as disturbing and visually wretched as you would expect. The story follows a young Japanese fellow who ends up turning into a ghoul. They must feed on human flesh to survive, but he decides to fight his urges, and fight the desires for the taste of flesh.

The trailer doesn’t really explain much but instead decides to entice fans of the series by showing clips and glimpses of the world brought to life in a way that best seems to pay homage to its source material in the most authentic ways imaginable. Don’t just take my word for it, though, check out the trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

A lot of the imagery here is obviously not for younger audiences. There’s plenty of blood and gore and lots of vomiting and other bodily fluids making their way from the inside out.

One scene in particular shows a girl by a giant pile of viscera… I don’t even know what it is exactly other than what looks like a flesh mound.

Tokyo Ghoul - Viscera of Gore

The end of the trailer really ramps up the action along with a lot of the intrigue.

The comment section seems to be quite positive toward the film, much more so than Netflix’s poorly done take on Death Note, which will forever live in history as an adaptation that pales in comparison to the original.

Anyway, you can look to view the film in select theaters between October 16th and October 22nd.


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