TransRoad: USA Set To Launch November 9th For PC
TransRoad USA

Astragon and Deck 13 Hamburg announced that they have a new transport trucker sim on the way called TransRoad: USA, scheduled to release on November 9th for PC. Oh boy, I’m betting that this name on Twitter would trend with all the wrong folks getting more triggered than disgruntled males at a home for suicidal teenagers during a tour of an NRA open-carry convention.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not the kind of trucker sim you might have been expecting.

This is not like Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator or Big Rigs: 18 Wheels of Steel. No, this is a tycoon management simulator centered around running a continental transport enterprise. You’ll have to oversee networks and routes, follow the market trends on when commodities are up and down, and attempt to adjust your business to reflect those changes in the market.

Astragon released a new trailer to give you a brief look at the economic structure of the game, as well as the various rival organizations you’ll be facing off against as well.

As your finances improve and you find new ways to overcome the slumps, working within the ebb and flow of the trucking business, you’ll have opportunities to take over your rivals and further establish dominance in the business.

Earlier during the summer, Astragon released a video detailing how you can operate your business from the headquarters.

The game works like a typical spreadsheet tycoon simulator, where you can see your loans, rank, concessions, cashflow, upgrades and how well your competitors are doing. You can check out the video below.

If you were hoping to hop behind the wheel of a powerful Peterbilt semi, or a hulking, haul-worthy Kenworth, packing 600 horses of raw power under the hood thanks to the diesel-powered muscle flexed by that incomparable Caterpillar engine… then you better keep on dreaming, hombre. This isn’t that kind of game.

Anyway, if you like crunching numbers, looking at flow graphs, watching market fluctuations, and following little green arrows as they skyrocket higher than McGregor’s little mcnugget during the weigh-in with Floyd Mayweather, then you’ll likely enjoy TransRoad: USA when it drops this November.

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