Valnir Rok, Multiplayer Viking Game Set To Hit PC This September

A new game that is set to come out this month goes by the name of Valnir Rok. Publisher Reverb Triple XP and developer Encurio have posted up the Viking RPG’s Steam Early Access page, informing gamers that it’s “Coming Soon,” and will be available to play for PC sometime this month.

Featuring common content found in many titles these days, especially in the indie scene like crafting, surviving, fighting and living your daily life out in a sandbox world, comes Valnir Rok.

The upcoming roleplaying video game will feature author Giles Kristian working as the quest designer, but in addition to that you can also make quests of your own that can be injected in the game too. If you have no idea how Valnir Rok will work or who Giles Kristian is, the devs behind said game have a description up for your reading pleasure that explains the above:

“Valnir Rok is a multiplayer survival roleplaying game in a Viking setting with quests by bestselling author Giles Kristian. Explore a huge open world, craft items, cook meals, build houses and found clan cities. Raid other clans or place bounties. Pray to the gods and survive.”

Some of the main features billed by the devs to win folks over consist of  server owners being able to create their own stories and quests for other people to discover, and the ability to place bounties on other players.

Beyond creating stories and placing bounties, the land of Valnir Rok holds several mysteries like mystical creatures and normal ones to hunt. Additionally, each animal holds unique resources much like the many islands and caverns sprawled across the game’s open world.

Two trailers showing the upcoming game, Valnir Rok, can be seen below courtesy of its YouTube channel.

More information on this very game will surely come out in the near future given that its release date is this month, however you can find out more info over on its newly posted Steam Early Access page or its main website.


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