Weekly Famitsu Details Code Vein Partners, More Gameplay Surfaces

Thanks to the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu you will be able to learn that much more about Bandai Namco’s Code Vein and its partner characters, which is joined by a new gameplay video that for once isn’t a disaster. Code Vein is set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One worldwide sometime in early 2018.

The most recent issue of Weekly Famitsu has detailed two new characters that double over as partners in Code Vein. Fighting alongside players, these partner characters are said to aid you through tough times and have your back while traveling, although they are not there to steal the spotlight from you.

The first character up is not the cricket player nor the filmmaker but Jack Rutherford the “Revenant Hunter” — as seen in the header image above. Sporting Junichi Suwabe as his VA, the Revenant Hunter is supposed to be a tough character and is said to be feared by all enemies and allies, however there seems to be some form of connection between Rutherford and the protagonist, though.

The second character introduced in the Weekly Famitsu happens to be Eva Roux, with Saori Hayami as her VA. Roux is a Revenant, too, and is in debt to Jack Rutherford for saving her life. This Roux seems to have constant conflicts with the protagonist in viewpoints, but not enough for the two to stop fighting alongside each other.

The last piece of information comes from YouTuber Zanar Aesthetics. In the beginning there were two players that seemed like they hung out with Dean Takahashi for a little bit before playing Code Vein’s demo. When player one fell off the cliff and witnessed player two die, he couldn’t allow the Takahashi disease to spread any further. Taking his jacket off, player one had to show the audience that he has more ‘tude than the IGN gameplay video. Good gameplay starts at 11:25:


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