When It Hits The Fan, Smash TV-Inspired Co-op Shooter Arrives On Steam
When it hits the fan

Heartfelt Games’ When It Hits The Fan has arrived on Steam. The single-player or cooperative top-down shooter is an homage to the arcade-hard, bloody-paced shooters of the past that helped define the top-down genre, such as Smash TV and Total Carnage.

The indie title is set during the year of 199x, when the world was going through a phase of peace and prosperity, all until it hit the fan. The game centers around four different catastrophic apocalypses happening back to back, including a Skynet-style AI with military-access going off its rocker, zombie hordes eating everything in sight, aliens launching an invasion, and the gates of hell opening up and pouring out all manner of demon onto the streets.

If this game were an anime, you sure as heck wouldn’t want to be that big-eyed chick in the short skirt and no health care to pay for all those impending demon-baby abortions.

Thankfully, players are put into the role of tough-as-nails survivors who must blast, shoot, gun down, and chainsaw their way through the four layers of apocalyptic mayhem. You can see what the game looks like in action with the trailer below.

Evern though the trailer is only 35 seconds long it manages to pack in a ton of action in a short time. The gameplay mixes in classic arcade-style levels ranging from throwbacks like Asteroids and Galaga to Gauntlet and Robotron.

As mentioned, there’s a two-player co-op, four different zones to battle through, nine different weapons to acquire, a handful of power-ups to utilize, and enemies that span the four different categories of apocalypses that you’ll be fighting through.

And unlike a bunch of other AAA games, you can actually beat the game and unlock additional modes and features, including cheats. You can learn more about the game by hitting up the Steam store page.


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