Wild West Online Enters Closed Alpha Testing, Download Now Available
Wild West ONline

The closed alpha download client is available right now over on the official Wild West Online website. You can download the client right now if you’re purchased either the Collector’s Edition or the Pioneer Edition of the game. The Collector’s Edition is $59.99, where-as the Pioneer Edition edition is $39.99.

The closed alpha test will be focused on a specific Gold Rush mode, where players will be focused on mining for gold ore and exchanging it for money. Be warned, though, some players will be taking on the role of bandits and will be attempting to pilfer from your pockets whatever it is you pry from the rocks beyond the prairie.

Now to help gamers get acclimated to the gameplay and mechanics of Wild West Online, the developers have a quick five minute walkthrough guide to help you out. You can check it out below.

They released this a while back and have directed newcomers to the video to work as a quick overview of the content.

In the press release they also wanted to get the point across that the game is still in a rough alpha state. So while content is definitely working, it’s nowhere near as finished or feature-complete as it’s intended to be in the final version. Executive producer Stephan Bugaj explained in the press release…

“This is a rough version of what the game will be, but it’s not a fully scoped game. We’re giving players a glimpse at what the game will be, as well a chance to directly influence our development process by giving feedback in response to a true game Alpha. We want to hear constructive feedback and work with our community to build a game that can be enjoyed for many years to come.”

They plan on keeping the game in closed alpha up until they’re ready to bring the game into closed beta. Unlike the alpha tests and Early Access, those who pay for the Townie Edition, which is $19.99, will have access to the closed beta and the full release on Steam. It’s a bizarre payment system because one would have expected that the $19.99 version would have guaranteed you access to Early Access, but… I guess not?

There have been some rumors about Wild West Online being another outing from Sergey Titov, the guy who was infamous for undercutting the hype of DayZ’s Early Access run by quickly throwing out the game The WarZ, which ended up gaining lots of negative notoriety for its poor playability and with a lot of gamers within the community claiming that it was a scam.

Anyway, the best piece of advice I can give is caveat emptor.

If you’re still interested in the game try to wait for some Let’s Play footage before you decide whether that interest is worth maintaining.


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