Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Video Highlights Mechanical Stilts, Panzerhund
Wolfenstein 2 - Grace

Half an hour worth of gameplay has been released for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The video starts off with a cinematic where Grace gives BJ a new mission to move through an occupied New Orleans in an attempt to recruit a resistant member.

The half-hour video was captured courtesy of Gamespot, and you can check it out below.

So after Bethesda managed to entice and enrage people in equal measure with the previous video about killing Nazis, which featured an African immigrant having a back-bumping ride on a hefty white Nazis girl, they decided to include that bit of a cinematic into the demonstration of the New Orleans level.

Now apparently the New Orleans mission is further into the game because BJ appears to no longer be reliant on the suit he needed before in order to do simple things… like walk.

So hopefully this means that BJ doesn’t stay a cripple? I couldn’t see the suit on him in the outfit he was wearing and it didn’t appear to be underneath his clothes, so maybe this means he doesn’t stay crippled forever? It’s tough to tell, though, because he has some mechanical stilts on his legs in order to get around the stage, so he could still have the suit on his lower half.

The New Orleans level is centered around a city being on fire. This sees BJ making his way through burning buildings and streets filled with debris and ruined vehicles.

BJ uses his mechanical stilts to leap over barricades and other obstructions. He also needs the stilts in order to get into a building.

Whoever is playing the game actually knows how to play and is good at killing Nazis, so obviously it’s not someone who is a part of Antifa because the only thing they’re good at is getting shot in the dong.

Instead of having a mouthpiece yap away in his ear, BJ gives himself directions and instructions on how to navigate the levels, which is decidedly different than how most first-person shooter games are handled.

After navigating his way through the warehouse, he comes upon a big, mean, flame-firing Nazis mech.

The auto-shotgun is an impressive looking weapon. I do wonder if traditional shotguns will also still be available?

The video then features BJ throwing down against a flame-spewing Panzerhund.

After killing some more baddies BJ meets Horton, who goes on to introduce his own diversity group consisting of a female professor who is also a sniper, an anarchist clarinet jazz player – who is obviously black, because I guess Asian dudes don’t play the clarinet? – and a couple of faceless others who fill out the bohemian buffet of melanin hues.

Wolfenstein 2 - Panzerhund

Following an embarrassing cutscene we then get to see BJ on a Panzerhund, spewing mad fire like a freestyle rap battle.

The video rounds out with BJ navigating Nazi occupied sewers on the Panzerhund, and facing off against a giant Nazi mech that has a flamethrower and a grenade launcher.

Wolfenstine II: The New Colossus is due out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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