WWE 2K18 Video Reveals Finn Balor’s Entrance
WWE 2K18

2K Games recently let loose a new video for WWE 2K18, this time featuring none other than the Demon King himself, Finn Balor.

The video was posted up on IGN. The two minute entrance is actually shockingly well done. There are still some obvious limitations to the visuals, but when Finn hits his entrance beats it looks frighteningly awesome with the camerawork and the crowd reactions. But don’t let me keep you from enjoying the intro. Check it out below.

Critical feedback time.

So one thing that completely distracts from the realism of Finn’s entrance is that the leather jacket doesn’t actually look like real leather. That’s still a lighting issue. There needs to be more natural lighting, less specular highlighting, and either better refraction on the shine or a more matted look, depending on the kind of leather jacket they’re going for. As it stands it has this plastic look that still reminds us that it’s in 3D.

As far as Finn’s scan goes… it mostly looks like him. However, his head looked a little wider compared to how he looks in real life. Also, there’s a bit of a dead-eye effect going on. A bit more shader work on the eyes might help a little bit, along with maybe more movement around the lids and fold.

Anyway, the crowd effect is perfect. The sound and music is also spot on. And once again, the camerawork is outstanding.

There’s also a second entrance you can check out… NXT’s former tag team champions, the Authors of Pain. Check it out below.

Paul Ellering looks spot on. Visual Concepts managed to capture a fantastic scan.

Also Akam and Rezar look spectacular in their armored mask getup. Talk about intimidating.

The entrance is nothing special, but looks about right for the formidable NXT tag team.

There isn’t much to say because lighting, effects and entrances in NXT are designed a bit differently than the main roster. But for the most part it looked good.

WWE 2K18 is due for release on October 27th for the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


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