Ylands, Scenario Building Online Game Set To Hit PC Q4 2017

Bohemia Interactive, the same development team behind Arma 2, Arma 3 and DayZ, is working on a scenario building game that can be played with others or by yourself, which goes by the name of Ylands. The open world sandbox building game is set to hit PC via Steam Early Access Q4 2017.

Ylands will have you in full control over your very own game experience, whether playing alone or with friends locally or online. The whole point behind the game is to give you the ability to create a survival experience like Minecraft or to create a story-based setup that has you adventuring through a series of events. This is best shown in a “Scenarios Showcase” video trailer.

Seeing that Ylands is both a sandbox exploration and adventure platform game that can be played with others or by yourself, while featuring a level-editor for the curious creator in you, folks will be able to get their hands on the low poly game sometime Q4 2017.

A recent trailer that was published to hold folks off until quarter four rolls around comes a trailer for 2017 showing the PC game in action. Much like the first trailer (shown above) that was released in 2016, the newer trailer shows an updated version of Ylands and what can be performed.

Hopefully, the release or development process of Ylands will spawn more sandbox games that offer a story narrative aspect created/driven by the ones playing the game. In other words, a sandbox game that doesn’t feel empty while playing it, filled with different lifeforms, and can be shared with other players to enjoy.

Speaking of sharing enjoyment with other players, the map editor allows for player made maps built-in game to be shared with others so that the adventure side always stays fresh or if you’re feeling a bit lazy you can just look through the Workshop.

Ylands is slated to hit PC via Steam Early Access sometime during Q4 2017. The official website can be access by venturing over to ylands.com.


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