12 Strong Trailer Doesn’t Hold Back On Tanks, Horses, And Big Explosions
12 Strong (Movie)

Warner Bros., rolled out a trailer recently for the action film 12 Strong. It tries to go the dramatic and sincere route about the 12 volunteer special forces members who went over to Afghanistan after the Twin Towers got leveled by the airplanes of peace, but we all know that this is actually an excuse for director Nicolai Fuglsig to get a bunch of guys in decked out military gear with big guns to ride on some cool horses while blowing the crap out of tanks.

There are some sweet looking action beats in the trailer featuring the true story of the 12 horse soldiers who teamed up with local insurgents to take out the Taliban and the allies of the Al Qaeda forces. You can check out the near three minute trailer below.

It looks like they’re trying to use the “get back home safely” trope to add some feels on top of the typical story about Americans heading into a foreign country to bust some heads. If it works, it works.

I don’t know if Chris Hemsworth was the best choice for this particular role. I’ve actually warmed on Taylor Kitsch as a military-style action hero and I think his subdued stoicism and hardened grit may have been a good fit for a patriotic flick about avenging those who died in the 9/11 attacks.

Other than Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon, everyone else in the film is kind of a bit player, with a brief cameo from William Fichtner. I suppose this will make it harder for audiences to guess who lives and who dies.

Based on the few scenes that they’ve showcased, it looks like Fuglsig took some tips from Ridley Scott and Michael Bay with constructing the action sequences. So long as it’s not one of those films where it’s constantly trying to hammer home a specific political message but just sticks to the action – similar to 13 Hours – then it could turn out to be pretty decent.


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