A Hat In Time, GameCube-Inspired 3D Platformer Arrives on Steam

A Hat In Time

Gears For Breakfast’s 3D platformer, A Hat In Time, is currently available for purchase right now on Steam and the Humble Bundle store for $29.99. The game is also scheduled to launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the respective platforms’ digital storefronts sometime later this fall before winter gets underway.

The game is about a young girl who gets trapped in a foreign world after she runs out of fuel in her spaceship. The tophat-wearing adventurer proceeds to explore and gather all the necessary ingredients to get her spaceship up and running again in order to continue her adventures across the galaxy. Players will assist Hat Kid in stitching together new hats by collecting yarn and crafting new abilities so she can venture deeper into the world and uncover all its secrets.

A gameplay trailer is available to give you a look at how it plays and what you can expect from A Hat in Time.

The press release notes that the developers themed the game after popular GameCube adventure games, presumably titles like Billy Hatcher and Star Fox Adventures. But Gears For Breakfast also took some obvious inspiration from classic Rare titles like Banjo Kazooie.

Graphically the game actually does look like something out of the GameCube era. The ancient phong shading is quite old-school from several generations ago, and the textures and designs aren’t anything to write home about. However, graphics aren’t the game’s sole selling point. The game does have somewhat of an aesthetic charm to it, and a lot of the captivation seems to be based around all the various mini-games, unique mission quests, and platforming puzzles that players will encounter along the way.

Actually, had this game been made for the Nintendo Switch and utilized the cel-shader that the system uses for games like Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I think it would have looked a lot more striking to fit its whimsically over-the-top nature.

Anyway, if you’ve been starved for a good 3D platformer or you skipped out on Yooka-Laylee due to Team17 using the game as a political statement, you can check out A Hat In Time over on the Steam store right now, or you can wait for its release on PS4 and Xbox One later this fall.

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