Abandon Ship Trailer Covers Biome Hazards, Exploration, And Map Size
Abandon Ship

Fireblade Software’s upcoming Abandon Ship recently received a new trailer detailing the game’s exploration. This arrives after the other promo videos featuring the real-time combat systems, as well as the classic sea monsters that will give your ship a bit of a tough time if you’re not careful.

The latest video is only three minutes long, focusing on the ability to explore and traverse the great girth of the sea. The exploration mode is setup in a neat way. Essentially each map is canvassed across a giant painting. The borders of the map are designed in embroidered borders similar to a Victorian-era picture frame. This makes sense in keeping with the age of sail-era that Abandon Ship is going for.

You can actually travel outside of the picture frames by finding bridging routes that lead into other maps. You can see how it all works out with the trailer below.

In order to travel through the locked gates you’ll have to complete specific events and missions, garnering you access to new areas.

The main story mode will attempt to move you across the vast map featured in the game, which contains more than 15 different regions, each with their own biomes, conditions, hazards, missions, and loot.

The various conditions of each map will play a part in how well you’ll be able to explore, or what you’ll be able to gain from the different regions. Some regions may have fewer ports, meaning you’ll have to tread carefully to avoid taking damage. Other regions may be torn asunder from storms and rough seas, making combat against other ships difficult. In one region there are a bunch of volcanoes, which make it hazardous while traversing the waters.

It’s explained in the video that if you end up in a fight while an active volcano is erupting, you may have to deal with falling brimstone that will damage your ship while you’re trying to fight off an opponent.

The seafaring strategy game also has a neat feature where if your ship goes down but the captain lives, you can survive on limited supplies on a piece of driftwood or on a lifeboat and attempt to get rescued so that you can continue your journey. However, if you fail to get rescued before supplies run out… you die.

You can learn more about Abandon Ship by hitting up the game’s Steam store page. The title is due for release at some point later in 2017.


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