Acts Of Vengeance Trailer Sees Antonio Banderas Make A Return To Action Films
Acts of Vengeance

Antonio Banderas has been in a few notable flicks over the years, but hardly any of them have been blockbuster mainstream pieces. Most of them have kindly faded into obscurity or are mentioned only in those art-house circles where people intermittently mention The Skin I Live In on the off occasion. However, it appears Banderas wants to join the middle-aged badass ranks of others such as Bruce Willis and Liam Neeson with his upcoming title, Acts of Vengeance.

The film seems to be centered around dirty fisticuffs from an aggrieved man going through his John Wick phase in life after his wife and daughter are killed. The new trailer for the film doesn’t explicitly say how they’re killed or why, but we know that they are. You can check it out courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

After going through the typical down-and-out phase and then coming to terms with his violent past, Banderas’ character then has an epiphany where he decides to enact his aggression outwardly through a form of punishing the bad guys… whoever they may be.

I was waiting for him to whip out two guns and start shooting places up, but that never happens. Instead we get some quick cuts of fight scenes that look like they were shot for the Jack Reacher films.

There’s a lot of exchanging of melee blows, which is interesting because Banderas hasn’t really been known to throw hands. However, here it seems to be the only thing he’s doing.

It’s most certainly a different take from his other action flicks, and the trailer’s celibacy of gunslinging leaves me wondering if this is going to be more about punching and kicking or if the gunplay will come into the picture later on in the film?

As others in the comment section pointed out, this is basically Antonio Banderas’ Taken or Death Wish or The Punisher. It looks quite formulaic but if the action beats are good and the pacing is decent, I wouldn’t fuss through the opportunity to gander a watch.

It’s at least good to see Banderas back in the action fold as opposed to trying to experiment with “acting” the way some other action stars have. And while it doesn’t look as compelling as Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner, having Karl Urban in the film and set within a gritty urban, mafioso-style atmosphere could make Acts of Vengeance a decent watch.

I fear it may be a DTV film since they didn’t mention anything about the theater, but it is coming soon.


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