After Death, 16-bit Inspired Platformer Launches October 5th On Steam
After Death

Fancy a game like Castlevania and Chakan: The Forever Man? Looking for a new 16-bit style game set within the macabre world of the afterlife? Well, the indie developers of After Death have proudly announced that the side-scrolling platformer is set to arrive on the Steam store this week beginning October 5th.

There’s a launch trailer for the game that perfectly encapsulates exactly what you can expect from the side-scrolling, action-platformer. The game is really very much like a mix of Rastan Saga and Chakan fused together, with a little bit of Demon’s Crest thrown in for good measure. The music sounds like Castlevania‘s soundtrack poured into a digital sponge and squeezed through a Genesis synthesizer. Check it out in the trailer below.

Francisco Cerda really did a fantastic job with matching up the audio soundtrack with the visuals. This very well could have been a long lost game from the Sega Genesis, unearthed for today’s generation of gamer. The platforming, environments, enemies and gameplay really do seem like authentic 16-bit experiences. Also it’s nice that the developers decided to go with a 16-bit aesthetic instead of the typical 8-bit themes present in so many other indie titles out there.

The game itself is about exploring a dark underworld of death and violence. You’ll be able to unlock different powers and abilities to help aid you through seven different worlds as you face off against 14 different bosses.

The game is supposedly anywhere between seven and 10 hours long, depending on how much you explore in the levels and what you uncover.

If you were a fan of the revenant-themed story of games like Chakan: The Forever Man, and enjoyed challenging, platform-oriented games like Shadow of the Beast, you might find yourself attracted to the 16-bit aesthetics of After Death… maybe.

If you were interested in learning more or plan on picking up a copy, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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