Arika’s Mystery Game Video Footage Shows Off Gameplay And Doctrine Dark
Arika Fighting Game

One of the many fighting games to come out for PS4 that still has no official name as of this moment comes a new gameplay video showing Arika’s “mystery game.” The video features characters like Allen, Duran, Kairi, Garuda, and Doctrine Dark, which runs well over five minutes in length.

Arkia’s mystery fighting game is in no shape to be called “pretty” or a “gorgeous” game, it’s not even close. And that’s what happens when you release early footage and gameplay clips of a game that is a ways off before completion. However, the crowd following it happens to be enticed that an Arika game is being developed right now and how the game’s fighting mechanics play out.

Playing on that interest, Arika has put out a tournament demo for gamers to test their might against each other. The tournament build of the game that is still a WIP (work in progress) has faced updates to its prior showing at other events like EVO 2017.

Certain physics and graphical elements have been enhanced a bit, but not by much. Without wasting anymore time, the actual gameplay video showing Fuudo Vs. Nemo can be seen right here thanks to KarinUSF4.

The next piece of info comes as a bonus in that the mysterious fighting game now has Doctrine Dark as a playable character… well, better put, “soon to be playable” character.

The video is just like any other Arika character reveal trailer, which this new video showing Doctrine Dark only clocks in at 17 seconds in length and sadly has no gameplay footage showing his move-set. You can watch the trailer below courtesy of Arika‘s YouTube channel.

We have a year before this mysterious fighting game becomes available to play on PS4, which hopefully means that the animations, graphics and special effects see an upgrade. In the meantime, though, you can learn more about this game by hitting up


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