Ashes Cricket Will Feature Female Players, First Gameplay Trailer Surfaces
Ashes Cricket

Big Ant Studios released a new minute long trailer showcasing the very first gameplay clip for the upcoming Ashes Cricket. The trailer starts by giving gamers a look at the pitch, the players and the stadium.

If you know how cricket is played it probably all makes sense, but the commentary and dynamic music is aligned with actions that probably won’t instantly reel in gamers who have no idea how cricket is actually played.

You can check out the trailer below to get a glimpse at Ashes Cricket‘s first in-game trailer.

We see batters dramatically hitting balls, low and slow, and we see catchers on the field diving to catch the ball.

The commentators enthusiastically call some of the brief plays we see on the screen, but context and gameplay mechanics are basically no where to be seen.

To the credit of the team who put the trailer together, Ashes Cricket looks visually competent. You would be hard pressed not to think at first glance that the game was made by Electronic Arts or 2K Games. But akas, it’s a title from Big Ant Games.

In addition to the first gameplay trailer going live, the developers also revealed that female cricket players will also be present in the title.

Big Ant CEO, Ross Symon, explained in the press release that due to the rising popularity of women’s cricket, they decided to add the female players to the game…

“Women’s cricket is rightfully growing in popularity across the world, and we wanted to do our part to highlight the incredible athleticism of the sport through Ashes Cricket,”


“We first included women players and teams in Don Bradman Cricket 17, and it was a feature that players really appreciated,” […] “The inclusion of the female teams gives even more depth and variety to the game. It’s been a privilege working with each of the players to further enhance what we can offer gamers with the women’s competition in Ashes Cricket.”

Adding females to sports games hasn’t actually done much to increase their sales, probably because sports games are the one genre of gaming that women play the least.

Anyway, I’m sure most cricket fans won’t mind anyway, and so long as the gameplay solid it’s not something to get worked up over.

You can look for Ashes Cricket to launch for the Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam starting November 16th. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official community page.


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