ATOM, Fallout-Like Game Set To Hit PC On November 28th

ATOM strives to be a post-apocalyptic indie RPG that takes cues from the 1988 Wasteland and the 1997 Fallout title. If you want to go back to top-down role-playing and experience life after a nuclear barrage, AtomTeam might have a PC game worth keeping an eye on come November 28th.

Every now and then you will see complaints surfacing saying that Fallout 4 is an okay game, but it is a bad Fallout game. Some people say that Fallout 4 is not an RPG and now seek an immersive wasteland role-playing title.

Dropping in an Early Access state comes AtomTeam’s ATOM. The game has a goal to give you “a powerful character creation tool” that aims at providing a template so that you can make the wasteland hero you want to portray.

The role-playing system in ATOM is based on the 1988 Origins Award winning Generic Universal RolePlaying System, which is better known as GURPS. Each stat combination is said to unveil a unique gaming experience with different dialogue across the game’s world. This system also affects the way some of the quests play out.

Dozens of traits and techniques flood the skill section that you can apply to your character, opting for alternate outcomes on each playthrough.

Nevertheless, ATOM features a combat system that is like Wasteland and the original Fallout. This turn-based system is said to compliment the top-down RPG setup.

You can check out an older video trailer that shows what ATOM has to offer:

As seen in the trailer above, during 1986 both the Soviet Union and the Western Bloc were destroyed in mutual nuclear bombs. While investigating a shadowy conspiracy, you can explore new radiated locations or meet other (NPC) survivors.

Moreover, out in the wild lies mutated creatures and savage bandits. You can work out the secrets of an old military bunker or lose yourself to domestic stuff like fishing, if you can best nuclear anomalies.

ATOM will supposedly have a nonlinear design where random encounter and numerous quests will be present to shake up the monotony. Sadly, there’s no telling how the game will be until it launches on November 28th, until then you can hit up its Steam page or main site.


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