Banner Saga 3 Trailer Spotlights Artwork Ahead Of 2018 Release
Banner Saga 3

Stoic Studios and Versus Evil let loose a new trailer for Banner Saga 3, which is the third and final chapter in the trilogy of Kickstarted games from the indie studio Stoic Studios. The game series has received lots of lauded feedback from professional critics (not that that means much these days) along with tons of positive feedback from actual gamers (which is the only thing that means something these days).

Coming off the successful Kickstarter campaign from back in February of this year, where the developers raised several hundred thousand for the game, Stoic has decided to update the gaming community with some brand new artwork for Banner Saga 3, which is presented through a short but poignant 33 second trailer that sets gamers up for the final, heart-wrenching journey for the outcasts attempting to pilgrimage toward salvation under the breaking light of a dying sun.

You can check out the quick teaser trailer below to get an idea on what you can expect from the artwork in the third game.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much more other than that Banner Saga 3 is due for release in 2018 for PC, mobile devices, PS4, and the Xbox One. Oddly, there’s no listing for the Nintendo Switch, even though that’s the hottest console on the market right now.

In a press release, it briefly describes the game’s plot, which centers around the last remaining members of the caravan venturing around the wall of Darkness, and that it will finally wrap up all the secrets of the dying world, and the lore trapped within the dead gods’ godstones.

Unlike Telltale’s titles, choices carried over from the previous games had deeply distinct effects on the player’s journey, causing some characters to live or die completely, changing the entire makeup and topography of the story’s mapping.

You can keep track of the game by hitting up the official website, or wait around for the game to release digitally on home consoles and PC in early 2018.


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