Black Panther Trailer Reveals A Sci-Fi Africa And Plenty Of Villainy
Black Panther Trailer 2

Marvel Entertainment unleashed the second major trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie. This film is coming out during a very, very, very interesting time when race relations are about as sturdy as tatami paper stretched over a trampoline for a jumping contest between sumo wrestlers.

Nevertheless, Marvel is moving ahead with the movie in hopes of fulfilling one more check on the diversity quota, and adding another one of their lower-tiered heroes to the upper echelons of the silver-screen blockbuster club.

The latest trailer clocks in at just under two and a half minutes, and you can see it in action below.

…I guess they really are kings.

The trailer looks pretty badass for the most part.

Michael B. Jordan as the villain is made far more pronounced in this second trailer than in the first, but his road to villainy seems so obvious, especially with what looks like his bloviating villain speech that will likely take place in the middle of the flick. Speaking of which, they also kind of give away a lot of the plot threads as well. It seems to be retreading where Richard Branagh’s Thor had already gone: Loki undermining Thor and looking to usurp the throne.

Action wise, it’s hard to make a comparison to other Marvel films. I suppose in a way it seems to carry a similar theme to the Blade films from nearly 20 years ago, just set in a very Tokyo-inspired sci-fi Africa.

Marvel films have the unfortunate issue of repeating very token narrative arcs, so I’m hoping they avoid that with this film but it looks inevitable based on this second trailer. For those of you unfamiliar with the Marvel formula, it’s basically: good guy starts good, has trouble and loses his way in the middle, regains composure and finishes the fight in the third act.

I know a lot of movies are like that but Marvel movies have been using those arcs as a crutch in a really bad way. While DC usually just has some awful missteps, you at least have to give them props for trying something different. I think the only movie that really stepped away from that formula was Captain America: Civil War, which is probably why it’s one of their best films, along with Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Anyway, you can look for Black Panther to drop in theaters starting February, 2018.


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