BlazBlu: Cross Tag Battle Adds Chie Satonaka And Noel Vermillion

Arc System Works is gearing up to release BlazBlu: Cross Tag Battle for PC, PS4 and Switch in 2018. The devs released a new trailer showing off Chie Satonaka, Noel Vermillion and another character named Waldstein.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle focuses on arena style fighting and will sport 2 Vs. 2 tag-in battles. Furthermore, the game will feature characters from other BlazBlue games, as well as characters outside of the series.

This includes characters from franchises like Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY. The roster, so far, for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle includes a slew of characters from different properties, opting for a unique host of moves and character types.

Hopefully this move by Arc System Works and crew will be present at launch and through a variety of characters and moves. Speaking of characters, the current roster ranges from Rachel Alucard and Hazama from BlazBlue, and Weiss Schnee from RWBY.

In addition to the above, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Rachel Alucard, and Hazama from BlazBlue; Yu Narukami and Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 Arena; Hyde and Linne from Under Night In-Birth; and Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee from RWBY are playable, too.

Moreover, the newly announced characters happen to be Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue, Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 Arena, and Waldstein from Under Night In-Birth.

Arc System Works just released a new character video trailer, which shows new and old fighters in the ever expanding character roster, as seen below.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, however is shaping up to be an interesting game nonetheless. I like the graphics, character entries seem interesting, and hopefully the fighting is just as good.

Fighting game fans can look forward to BlazBlue: Cross Tag battle to launch for PC, PS4, and Switch in 2018. Lastly, more information on this game can be found over on its official website.


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