Bomber Crew Guide: Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Crew Alive

Bomber Crew is the result of publisher Curve Digital and developer Runner Duck’s efforts, and it’s currently available for PC. In this guide players will learn some tips and tricks on how to keep all crew members alive in the WW2 flight sim.

This game, Bomber Crew, is a strategic bomber simulator that is set during WW2. The game challenges players with a task of picking the right crew and keeping them in top shape during and after a bombing run.

Below are 10 tips that should help you out so that your bombing runs are far more potent and successful.

Tips and Tricks 1: This applies to all flight sim games, but it also applies to Bomber Crew. What is this you may ask? Raise your gear after Takeoff. This can be found under Landing Gear at the bottom of the screen labeled as Raise Gear. Raising your gear will make it less of a target and easier to fly your bomber.

Tips and Tricks 2: Do not open your bomb doors only until you are ready to bomb a target. If your load is exposed you may risk certain death, and it will also drain fuel faster. You can find the option to Open Doors and Close Doors under Bomb Bay.

Tips and Tricks 3: Make sure to pay attention to your crew and their dialogue. The Radio Operator will tell you when enemies have been spotted, as well as other dangers at certain altitudes.

Tips and Tricks 4: Recon photo mode allows you to take snaps and receive quick money. You can find this at the bottom of the screen under Camera.

Tips and Tricks 5: Don’t forget to use crew member abilities to ace a mission or to recover a messy mission. Remember that special abilities have a cool down timer on them, so even if they are out for a small amount of time they’ll come back eventually.

Tips and Tricks 6: Don’t forget to outfit your crew with new gear back at base. Gear can boost stats and make crew members more effective during a mission bombing run.

Tips and Tricks 7: Upon leveling you will notice that you can further change how your bomber performs. For instance, you can pick under Fuel Mixture the option of Boost (speeds your plane up) or Lean (conserves on fuel).

Tips and Tricks 8: Make sure that when picking a mission to find easy maps that have Bonus Perks. You can see Bonus Perks and their requirements at the bottom of the mission chalk board.

Tips and Tricks 9: Do not forget to pick helpful or relative secondary skills for your bomber crew. This cross-training can help in dire situations if skills are appropriately assigned to crew members.

Tips and Tricks 10: Do not crash your bomber plane to end a mission. It is better to abort a mission rather than dying on a mission. This will not only save you crew members but it will also save you on time in the long run.

Flakfire has a video showing the 10 tips and tricks listed above, which should help you out if you are more into visual guides.

Bomber Crew is available right now for PC and runs for $14.99 over on Steam.


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