Bungie Is Currently Thinking Of A New Game Beyond Destiny

Activision and Bungie cashed in big when it came to Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 — despite the latter not outperforming the former — the pair pulled in enough to laugh all the way to the bank. As it stands now, Bungie is looking to create a new game and is doing it in a “small way” that moves beyond Destiny.

The above information comes in from publication site GameRant who picked up the information that Bungie is looking to make a new game via BBC.

In addition to the above, Bungie co-founder, Jason Jones, noted that the team is currently looking at another avenue that’s beyond Destiny:

“We’re starting in a small way to look at what’s beyond Destiny.


“Every time you do a new thing to surprise and delight people you risk being ignored.


“So you could make your hand very tired writing down all the risks going into a new game project, but unless you’re taking risks then you’re not going to do something people care about.”

It’s unclear if the new game will be published by Activision, like Destiny 1 and 2, but if said publisher has a hand in the new game will we see the newly awarded matchmaking patent integrated?

I know the matchmaking patent is a hot topic, but it seems to have created two sides that are either for it or against the who idea of matchmaking based on the patent’s credentials. Right now it is unclear if Bungie will go through creating a new game, if Activision will be the publisher over the dev team, and if the new game will use the newly awarded matchmaking patent.

For all we know the game could be decent and ground breaking or maybe the opposite, who knows? With that said, are you excited that Bungie is looking into something that is beyond Destiny or no?

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