Chaos;Child, Murder-Mystery Visual Novel Now Available For PS4, PS Vita
chaos child PS4

5pb, Mages, PQube, and Chiyomaru Studio have announced that Chaos;Child, the highly awaited visual novel, is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

The game is set within the Steins;Gate universe, but it takes place in a slightly different time. It’s three years after a devastating earthquake took place in Shibuya, Tokyo. However, some grizzly murders begin to take place and the police prove to be incompetent and out of their league. The only people smart and savvy enough to solve these murders are (you guessed it) Japanese high school students.

Chaos;Child follows protagonist Takuru Miyashiro and his merry band of friends as they attempt to uncover the gruesome nature behind the murders turning the city into a frightful place to live. In fact, the kids put themselves in peril, even beginning to drop dead as they dive deeper into the conspiracy behind the deaths.

You can check out some of the imagery featured in the visual novel with the launch trailer below.

Beyond the spastic launch trailer, the press release indicates that much like Mages’ other visual novels, gamers will have to think wisely about their choices and how they advance the story. Every choice you make could mark the end of one of your friends, or save a victim from the killer.

Chaos;Child features a unique reality-bending feature where players can have the main protagonist go into a dream like influence or a nightmare state via the delusion system that can completely affect the story in various ways. Those choices will determine who lives and who dies, resulting in one of the seven fully distinct endings in the game.

You’ll have a total seven different endings to uncover, along with the full true ending. This all takes place over the course of a 50 hour adventure, replete with full voice acting and plenty of Easter Eggs highlighting the connection to Steins;Gate.


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