Check Out Over 30 Minutes Of Scorn Demo Gameplay

Scorn is an upcoming horror-adventure title made by indie devs Ebb Software. If you happen to be the type that did not back the game while the devs were seeking funds during Scorn’s Kickstarter or you did not have any money to contribute but you want to know how the game functions, two videos showing actual gameplay is up for your viewing pleasure.

The first Scorn gameplay video by Ebb Software revealed how the game’s atmosphere and gameplay mechanics will likely be at launch — although it will be polished and cleaned up far more come 2018. This act was posted back on September 5th, 2017, to promote its run on Kickstarter.

As of now, a lot of people want to know how Scorn plays out but don’t have the funds to back it to play the early build known as the demo. If you happen to be in the same boat and want to know what Scorn has to offer without dishing cash to see raw gameplay footage, two videos are up for you to look over.

The first video showing Scorn gameplay has commentary and covers what you can expect while playing the demo. Thanks to YouTuber MathasGames, you can see gameplay footage below.

The second gameplay video has no commentary and dives into the same play area, except with slightly different actions than that of the above video. The second gameplay video comes in by MKIceAndFire.

I’m really liking how the guns handle in Scorn, they have nice weight and damage output to them, meaning that you can end any situation that is not in your favor quickly. It’s worth noting that there won’t be a lot of ammo to pocket, so although guns in Scorn have considerable stopping power, ammo is something that will be in short supply.

If the atmosphere, stage design, weapons and mysterious world of Scorn seems interesting to you, more information can be found over on or


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