Cyberpunk 2077 Combat Job Listing Highlights “Memorable” Combat

A new job listing that explores some aspects of combat in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Sci-Fi RPG title, Cyberpunk 2077 has been posted up recently. The job listing calls for “memorable combat,” which is followed by an unusual and interesting line of “Don’t make us wait – apply today!”

Combat in a game is something that is integral and important, because clunky mechanics whether it be guns or melee is no fun. The smoother the combat the better the overall experience will be while playing whatever genre of game.

The above also applies to RPGs. Imagine summoning something, casting whatever or lunging forward to only find bad hit registration, wonky animations and other ordeals that disrupt the immersion and flow of the game is at play? None of that is fun, and with that said it looks like CD Projekt Red is seeking talent ASAP for Cyberpunk 2077‘s combat system:

That’s right, the Warsaw team is looking for a combat designer sometime soon and even posted something unusual that reads “Don’t make us wait – apply today!” This is followed by a description that reads:

“We are looking for a talented Combat Designer who will join our Warsaw team in creating and balancing all combat encounters within Cyberpunk 2077. This person will take ownership of delivering memorable combat encounters, that thrill and excite our players.”

If all of that seems interesting, a bulleted list of responsibilities further explain what the Cyberpunk 2077 combat designer will be doing in a nutshell:

  • Work with Quest Designers, Open World Designers, Level Designers and Environment Artists to design memorable combat encounters based on predefined narrative, environmental and gameplay themes.
  • Take encounter “shells” delivered by other teams and using our proprietary visual scripting language; script combat AI and flow, memorable moments/set pieces and companion AI.
  • Working with Level Designers and Environmental Artists, ensure level geometry serves the needs of the combat encounter.
  • Work with AI Designers and AI Programmers to ensure you have the necessary control over AI to script both stealth and action based encounters.
  • Dedicate yourself to understanding all player verbs, allowing yourself to craft divergent experiences that cater to all available playstyles.
  • Help define combat scripting standards and ensure consistency in implementation across the project.
  • Working with Gameplay Designers, proactively suggest improvements to core combat systems and principles.

As we can see, it looks like an element of stealth will be in the game along with companion AIs, much like the Witcher. The job listing also shines light on different experiences that cater to all available playstyles, suggesting that the game will be open enough for true role-playing or assuming a role that is different from your last playthrough.

Lastly, we see a great deal of making sure that combat is fluent and consistent, but the true question is how will it play out at launch? You can get a slight idea by hitting up for additional information.


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