Dark Devotion, Eldritch-Hunting Rogue-Like Nears Kickstarter Goal
Dark Devotion

Hibernian Workshop’s morose rogue-like RPG, Dark Devotion, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter run. The game has just a little over a week left as of the writing of this article, but they’re about 15% away from hitting their goal. They currently have $20,000 pledged for a $23,465 goal.

The game is about hunting down the horrors of a forgotten temple where Eldritch abominations, possessed warriors, flesh-butchers and magic divinators roam the dire halls. It’s up to you to explore the temple, defeat the evil inside and return untainted.

Dark Devotion looks like a really solid entry in the side-scrolling, hack-and-slash, rogue-like sub-genre. The game mixes in the sort of lighting and mood from Dark Souls with hand-painted pixel graphics. The combat is very similar to Salt and Sanctuary, where weight and heft are apparent in every swing and strike. You can see what the gameplay looks like with the pitch video below from Hibernian Workshop.

The game has a Metroidvania-style map system, with multiple locations and areas to explore and plenty of bosses to hunt down.

You play a paladin who attempts to uncover the secrets of the dead, and the mysteries behind the forbidden temple.

The game is setup where you can only progress forward, so leaving one area will result in the door locking behind you. This encourages you to think both wisely about how you progress and give rise to multiple playthroughs as many players would probably be inclined to check out the alternate pathways.

You’ll have to gather faith from defeating enemies in order to unlock new areas and secrets, as well as stay sane and healed.

If you’re unconvinced by the description or the video demonstration above, you can get in some hands-on time with Dark Devotion by downloading the demo from over on the Steam page.

If you think the game is worth making it across the finish line, you can learn more by checking out the Kickstarter campaign.


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