Darkest Dungeon Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch
Darkest Dungeon Nintendo Switch

Red Hook Studios announced recently through a cheeky little tweet that Darkest Dungeon, the eldritch-inspired, turn-based rogue-like is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch. When? Don’t know. But we do get to briefly see the game in action courtesy of the tweet.

The half-minute video starts by showing the game in action with some combat on display. However, the off-screen footage slowly begins to zoom out and then we get to see that Darkest Dungeon is being played on the Nintendo Switch.

A lot of gamers were quite excited about the idea of the game coming to the Switch, and it definitely comes as a surprise because the console currently doesn’t have any major, horror-themed rogue-likes set within a Gothic universe.

The thread is filled with a lot of excitement and a ton of gamers offering feedback on how they can’t wait to play it.

The game features 16 different classes to choose from, and gives players a permadeath experience in a rogue-like environment where one wrong move could spell instant doom for all of your characters, or maybe some of your most favored characters.

The procedural dungeons and extreme difficult ended up becoming a cause for concern by some gamers who took issue with the way the game scaled. I’m unsure as to whether or not the developers took that to heart and modified the RNG to be a little less uncompromising, but most of the user reviews so far have been quite positive.

I suppose the issue of the difficulty and “unfair” factor is remedied with the new Radiant Mode, which allows gamers to complete Darkest Dungeon in half the amount of time it usually takes them to complete the game.

We’ll have to sit back and wait for more details before finding out how much it’ll cost and when they plan on making it available on the Nintendo Switch. Darkest Dungeon is currently available right now on the Steam store for $24.99.


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