Darwin Project, Battle Royale TPS Closed Alpha Gets Underway November 10th

The Darwin Project

The Battle Royale sub-genre of survival-scavenge games is continuing to receive the typical flooding of clones and me-too games. One of those titles is Scavengers Studio’s Darwin Project, which is prepping to undergo closed alpha testing for the first time starting November 10th over the weekend starting that Friday at 9:00am Pacific Standard Time, and it ends on Sunday November 12th at 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time. So yeah, you’ll only have the weekend to get in game time with the title.

Even though the game was announced for both Windows 10 and Xbox One (with a focus of it being an Xbox One title), the closed alpha will only be available to PC gamers… for now.

The game is themed around surviving the harsh cold from the surrounding environment while also scavenging supplies and outlasting other opponents manned by other players.

The game is themed around a post-apocalyptic survival show where people do whatever they can to survive, and in some cases that means participating in a reality-TV show where the survival of the fittest takes on a whole new meaning. Contestants must survive the Canadian Rockies during the second coming of an ice age, where freezing cold temperatures are just as deadly as the other contestants. You can get a glimpse of the gameplay below from the initial announcement trailer that aired during E3.

A lot of the commenters thought the commentary voice-over was cringe-worthy and that the overall premise lacks originality compared to so many other Battle Royale games popping onto the market.

It’s true that setting the game in the Canadian Rockies and adding force-field bubbles and a reliance on melee weapons and bows isn’t going to be enough to lure gamers away from free-to-play offerings in games like Fortnite, or the current king of the crop, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Then again, the game is a long ways off from release. Scavengers Studio have up until spring, 2018 to actually give this game a readily standout identity and implement some sort of gameplay elements that help separate it from Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Scavengers Studio seems to be focused on the game’s streaming culture to carry it to success, but they’ll need an ample playerbase for that to happen.

Anyway, you can subscribe to the mailing list over on the official website for a chance to receive a key to participate in the closed alpha next month.

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