De Blob Set To Arrive On PS4, Xbox One November 14th, But No Switch Port In Sight

De Blob Release Date

THQ Nordic and Blue Tongue announced that they’re reviving the 2008 miscellaneous adventure game from the original Wii for the Xbox One and PS4. The publisher revealed that de Blob is set to arrive on Sony and Microsoft’s systems starting November 14th.

The news was accompanied by a trailer reminding gamers about the Splatoon-style game where you’ll need to rescue Chroma City by painting the monochromatic city with color after it’s all been stolen by the evil I.N.K.T. Corporation.

You’ll have to free the citizens while you douse the city in paint, or join up with three other friends in the four-player split-screen mode and engage in eight different multiplayer modes.

The Jet Set Radio Future-style gameplay really helped set the game apart from everything else when it came out a decade ago, and it was one of the few games that stood out as a quality-made title on the Wii.

However, the eccentric visuals and chaotic sandbox-style gameplay was completely undermined in the trailer above by something that gamers could simply not ignore: the frame-rate.

You can check out the trailer below of de Blob running on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Holy frame-skipping galore, Batman.

The trailer did not go down well at all with gamers who had come off of fond memories of the Nintendo Wii version from a decade ago, which they seem to remember as running smooth and silky on Nintendo’s little motion-themed console.

The downvotes came pouring in and the complaints began to mount.

However, the one thing that stood out beyond all other comments? Requests for a Nintendo Switch port.

Gamers seemed to be equally incensed about the frame-rate as they were about THQ not announcing a port for the Nintendo Switch, which is the hottest full-priced gaming device on the market at the moment.

I think more-so fans were angry at the fact that the game originally launched as a Nintendo exclusive but is not skipping out on a very popular Nintendo device that was designed around multiplayer portable gaming. In fact, de Blob would be perfect little tabletop game to play to burn some time.

Maybe after things settle down they’ll eventually release a version on the Switch to placate fans who want to show a little brand loyalty?