Detective Case And Clown Bot In: The Express Killer Set To Launch In Early 2018

Detective Case

Nerd Monkeys announced that they’re back with another entry in the Detective Case series, this time with Detective Case and Blown Bot in: The Express Killer. The game runs at a native 256×192 resolution, and is designed to replicate the old ZX Spectrum and Nintendo DS gameplay internal resolutions.

The game centers around mysterious murders taking place on the express train from Lisbon to Porto… every single day, since Tuesday.

Detective Case is brought in along with the Clown Bot to solve the murders by boarding the train and interrogating everyone and everything, as well as examining each of the cars for clues and any suspicious behavior from the passengers. You can’t get a glimpse of what the game is like with the announcement trailer below.

You have to give them props for doing something new. While the game’s trailer gives you absolutely no information or visual feedback on what to expect from the game, it does give viewers a little bit of a chuckle.

As mentioned at the top of the article, the point-and-click adventure title hearkens back to the old ZX days where the games were designed to stick out with a sense of visual splash, panache, and originality.

You have to admit that there’s nothing on the market that looks quite like Detective Case and Clown Bot, which is definitely a good thing in today’s era where there are countless 8-bit indie clones all trying to mimic the “retro” flavor.

Anyway, Detective Case and Clown Bot In: The Express Killer will feature typical point-and-click style puzzles, trials, three additional cases, and typical exploration style hijinks.

The developers have already put the Steam store page online so you can check that out right now. They have plans on including achievements and trading cards. You can look for the game to launch in early 2018 for only $9.99.