Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Nappa And Captain Ginyu To The Roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ by Bandai Namco and Arc System Works has been detailed even further in a new V-Jump scan that covers the inclusion of Nappa and Captain Ginyu. The game is now set to launch in Japan on February 1st across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but it currently has no Western release date.

Fans of Dragon Ball FighterZ will find that Nappa and Captain Ginyu will be playable characters in the upcoming 2018 fighting game. Thanks to the scans that publication site ShonenGamez posted reveals some rather interesting stuff.

Looking over to Nappa, he can summon Saibamen and use the Meteor special attack “Kappa!” The character opts for a lot of Reach and Power to decimate his foes, but lacks heavily in the Speed and Energy department.

As for Captain Ginyu, he has an ability to call in The Ginyu Force, which is a very interesting inclusion to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Captain Ginyu can use the Meteor special attack “Body Change” to switch characters and HP with his opponent.

Both Nappa and Captain Ginyu’s stats can be looked over right here:


  • Power – 4
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach – 4
  • Technique – 3
  • Energy – 2

Captain Ginyu

  • Power – 4
  • Speed – 2
  • Reach – 3
  • Technique – 4
  • Energy – 2

The scan translated by publication site ShonenGamez also puts the Story Mode on the forefront. We learn that an event occurs in which the Super Warriors fall one after the other. When Goku awakens, a connection between the spirit of the player will be linked to him.

In addition to the above, these linked characters with the player’s spirit will offer different scenarios to explore like in the Android Chapter that sees the player spirit linked with Android 18. In the Enemy Warriors Chapter, the spirit of the player is linked to Frieza.

Furthermore, players can deepen bonds with characters and if bonds are deep enough, special events will play out. Lastly, the Story Mode also flaunts options to battle and build experience points, rescue allies, learn skills, and do much more while traversing on a story-driven map.

You can learn more about Dragon Ball FighterZ by hitting up dba.bn-ent.net.


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