Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Map Detailed Through New Scan

New scans or screenshots that show Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ story map have been revealed, which cover travel routes around a story-driven map, turn-points, and a few other tidbits that briefly touch upon gameplay and the fall of notable Super Warriors.

As of right now, Dragon Ball FighterZ is slated to launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 1st, 2018, over in Japan. No known Western date has been listed yet and will likely be announced by Bandai Namco in the near future.

Moreover, not too long ago, publication site ShonenGamez posted a translated batch of scans via screenshots that consist of the latest issue of V-Jump, which covered Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Story Mode.

Information that joins those previously announced scans come yet another scan or screenshot by ShonenGamez that actually show how the Story Mode map will look.

If you missed it, previous scans revealed that when Goku awakens, a connection between the spirit of the player (or you) will be linked to him. In addition, these linked characters will offer different scenarios to investigate and can be further explored by taking up side-quests to see other story related events.

Furthermore, the new scan details progression, which can be pursued through fights and alternate map branches. Levels and status can be gained that open up paths to focus on character unlocks to link with in Story Mode, gaining skills — which are only usable in Story mode — or leveling up your character as high as possible.

The new scan can be seen right here for your viewing pleasure.

I’m not sure how far the map extends out as you keep going onward, but it is interesting, nonetheless, that you can pick where you want to go throughout the map and rescue other fighters to expand the story.

Additional Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode info can be found over on shonengamez.com.


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