ELEX Trailer Reveals The Threat From The North

Piranha Bytes is trying something new with the whole third-person fantasy RPG genre. They’ve decided to mix in futuristic post-apocalyptic settings with medieval-fantasy themes, and then roll it all around in a puddle of mysticism, futurism, science-fiction, and action-oriented gameplay. If it sounds like a coagulation of ideas balled together to make up something new… well, you’re right.

The developers unleashed a new trailer for ELEX, showcasing more of the gameplay ahead of the October 17th release date. The trailer clocks in at just over a minute, giving gamers a fresh look at the upcoming mixed-genre, hybrid role-playing action game that’s due out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check it out below, courtesy of THQ Nordic.

The trailer covers the bio-mechnical mutants known as Albs. They’re a technologically advanced faction that relies on ELEX to power their war stations.

They look like recovering bulimia patients who also happen to be the deflated cousins of the Strogg from Quake.

Fallout fans will likely recognize that there are some strong similarities between the Albs and the Synth.

ELEX definitely looks like a poor man’s Fallout 4 fused with The Technomancer. It’s like the unholy combination of Bethesda and Spiders got together after a night using filthy weed and then they forgot to abort, resulting in ELEX popping out.

The game sports multiple factions for the player-character to align with or fight against, a wide assortment of magic to utilize, high-tech projectile weapons, melee based craftables, jetpacks, dinosaurs, and a smorgasbord of bad guys to kill.

The thing is, if the gameplay is solid then it may be okay. However, if there are a lot of technical hiccups then it could end up really dampening the gameplay experience. I could definitely see ELEX landing in the low-budget category of being so bad it’s good. But we’ll find out once the reviews roll when ahead of the October 17th release. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the game’s official website.


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