Exotic Matter, Indie Mincraft-Clone Attempts To Explore A Sci-Fi Story

Minecraft clones usually pull a small fraction of content from Mojang’s title and die shortly afterwards due to a lack of things to do. Well, indie dev team Moebiusgames wants to bring gamers a Minecraft-like game called Exotic Matter, but with a single-player Sci-Fi story that’s mod friendly.

I know what you’re already thinking “yet another Minecraft game with ugly graphics made to cash-in on young kids, right?” Well, it seems that Moebiusgames wants to bring a story to the genre without players having to choke up money for DLC or download story mods that may not work.

Exotic Matter expands on the worn out procedural generated worlds with a mission to build a functioning ship to get back to Earth. The game starts with players assuming a space pilot who is stranded on the planet Xcylin:

“Shipwrecked on an alien planet, light-years away from earth – your primary mission: survive. Explore the open-world of planet Xcylin and dive deep into the underground facilities of an extinct race. Discover countless items, weapons and block types to help you reach your ultimate goal: to get back to earth and save all humanity in the process.”

The next description explaining Exotic Matter dives deeper into what separates this game from other Minecraft clones on the market:

“Exotic Matter is a single-player open-world voxel roleplaying game for PC. It features a strong storyline on a fully simulated planet with roguelike underground facilities. Exotic Matter’s sophisticated facility generation system ensures that no two missions ever play the same. And it’s fully moddable engine allows you to explore countless other planets that were created by the community.”

That’s right, modding will be a thing given that it will be a PC exclusive. There will be no online multiplayer, which is said to compliment the single-player “strong storyline” present in Exotic Matter.

If you want to see actual gameplay that runs for minutes, the official teaser trailer sits right here thanks to Moebiusgames.

The Steam Early Access game has no release date yet, but you can either check out interactive 360° screenshots or play the game in its alpha stage by paying $5.99 over on exoticmatter.io.


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