Famitsu Covers God Eater 3 Details Through New Interview

In the latest issue that Weekly Famitsu published, it contains an interview with God Eater’s general producer, the general director and the producer of content and features that will be in God Eater 3. As of now, Bandai Namoc’s upcoming game has no release date nor platforms announced.

Thanks to publication site esuteru.com we learn that Famitsu has posted up an interview with general producer, Yuusuke Tomizawa, general director, Hiro Yoshimura, and God Eater 3 producer, Yuya Tomiyama, all of whom happen to provide insight regarding the newly announced game God Eater 3 and content that gamers will likely see at launch.

The translated text tells us that after the second God Eater game, Rage Burst, the team reconsidered what draws gamers and fans alike to the series, and when evaluated found that fans’ vision of God Eater was different from that of the dev team.

With the feedback from fans now looming in the back of the team’s head, it was noted that they realized keeping with speedy fighting mechanics and smooth gameplay in God Eater 3 would be the right choice.

The third game is said to be set after the events of God Eater 2: Rage Burst. The surrounding area will often times be that of the Fenrir Headquarters. However, the Fenrir Headquarters that existed in God Eater 2: Rage Burst has collapsed during the time of the third game.

The interview also highlights that the world view has changed drastically, and the position of the God Eaters have changed, too.

Looking over to multiplayer and fields, the former will be reflected through an “enjoyable experience,” which is said to be evolved. In addition to the the multiplayer, gameplay outside of four-player multiplayer is possible as well for those who simply want to enjoy a single-player experience. Looking over to the latter, fields, they are being completely remade so that you can move around freely and seamlessly. Areas are said to be much bigger when compered to previous God Eater titles. Fields now have differences in elevation and design.

As for the enemies in God Eater 3, players will encounter enemies with different skills and abilities from the Aragami, and these enemies can “devour” a player. Enemies that take up the act of devouring will enter a “power” mode that will leaving the player in a critical state.

Furthermore, dual wielding God Arcs will be a thing, and new God Arcs different from previous systems will make an appearance too. On the topic of melee and battles, the game will also incorporate new elements in order to face against noteworthy enemies.

Lastly, progress on the game is currently standing at 30 percent. Moreover, development is proceeding with console as the base, but it is being developed on PC and will be moved to console(s).

More information on God Eater 3 can be found over on esuteru.com.


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