Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark Combines Hand-Drawn Scenarios With Tactical RPG Mechanics
Fell Seal

The married couple who make up 6EyesStudio have been working on gathering funds for their game Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. The tactical turn-based game sees players in command of a group of characters that allow for some fairly deep customization that isn’t usually seen in hand-drawn RPG titles like this.

The game will feature more than 40 different custom made environments to travel through, with a story that will span the likes of 35 hours during a normal playthrough, with 10 additional hours of end-game content for die-hard gamers to explore.

The developers are claiming that this is a spiritual successor of sorts to the kind of gameplay featured in the original PSX release of Final Fantasy Tactics. You can judge for yourself with the pitch video that’s currently up and available over on the Kickstarter page. It’s also conveniently made available for you to view below.

The game features 20 different classes for players to experiment with, along with 200 different abilities to attach to your characters.

What’s more is that you can also mix and match the gear for your squad, utilizing more than 240 different pieces of gear.

Of course, all this talk about what the game will feature and how it will play is all kind of pointless if it just seems like a Microsoft Powerpoint slideshow, right? Well, they were prepared for this very scenario, which is why they unleashed a playable demo that you can pick up from over on Itch.io or Game.Jolt to play-test Fell Seal for yourself.

If you think the demo is fun or worth more attention than what you’ve initially given it, you can pursue the next step by learning more over on the Kickstarter page. At the moment the development duo is looking for $40,000 to bring the game to life. With 25 days left on the counter, they’re currently sitting at $14,000, which is not bad at all. They have plans on releasing the turn-based strategy title on Steam and Xbox One.


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