Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Set To Launch On Xbox One
Flying Tigers

Ace Maddox revealed today that Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China will launch for the Xbox One in 12 different languages in Europe, North America, and Asia at some point in the near future.

The developer and publisher made the announcement along with the release of a brand new trailer showcasing the game running on the Xbox hardware.

You can check out the trailer below.

I was definitely shocked about the game being rated ‘M’ for Mature. Apparently it has a lot of blood, foul language, and the kind of violence that escapes from the Teen rating. Maybe if they added in loot boxes the ESRB would look down upon them favorably and give them a lower rating?

Anyway, the trailer showcases what the game will look like running on the Xbox One, and we get to see a few of the planes making their mark over Asia.

The trailer highlights the historical facts surrounding the Flying Tigers and how Roosevelt had put them on a secret mission to help the allied forces in China.

The gameplay itself is very similar to the likes of Blazing Angels, giving gamers a more arcade-themed flying experience as opposed to the more hard-as-nails experience you might get from playing games like War Thunder or WarBirds.

However, Flying Tigers is one of the rare games set during World War II that focuses on the China-Burma-India campaign dealing with clandestine aerial missions, ranging from dogfighting to reconnaissance, to bombing runs.

In addition to the fully fleshed out single-player campaign mode, which is bound to give Red Baron fans and Flying Aces aficionados a taste of nostalgia, there’s also a thoroughly fleshed out multiplayer component present in the game as well, allowing players to go head to head in either two-player PvP missions or duking it out in 16-player aerial battles.

The game is due to drop soon on Xbox One but we don’t know when just yet. Stay tuned for the official release date.


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