Frank Grillo Is The Wheelman In Netflix’s New Movie
The Wheelman

Netflix has a new movie set to drop on October 20th called The Wheelman. It’s a Frank Grillo flick and it’s a perfectly serviceable looking action-thriller within the run-all-night sub-genre.

Grillo was born to play the hard-edged, everyman in quality-made low-budget action fanfare, and since The Purge 2: Anarchy, he seems to be hitting his stride. The new trailer for The Wheelman is a cross between Phone Booth and Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, with some obvious elements lifted from Walter Hill’s unforgettable classic The Driver.

The trailer is just a minute and 40 seconds long, but it packs in enough intrigue and action to make it look like a real worthwhile flick. Check it out below.

I know a lot of people don’t like Netflix for going up on the price, for adopting SJWism and injecting it into their movies and shows, and for generally being apologists for the rise in fake news from the mainstream media, but thankfully you don’t have to support Netflix in viewing The Wheelman. You can actually see it in a theater near you for a limited time.

The film basically follows Grillo’s Wheelman as he assists two robbers on a heist. Grillo ends up receiving a mysterious call saying that he should abandon the two robbers because they’re planning on killing him. The caller forces Grillo to make a lot of split-second decisions as he drives around town getting engaged in one intense scenario after another, resulting in the inevitable car chases, shootouts and fist fights.

It doesn’t look groundbreaking but it looks like it could be a fun flick for the Saturday night event of taking the couch for a ride with a bucket of popcorn for a couple of hours.

While good action flicks don’t seem to be present all too often in the big budget circles of Hollywood anymore due to all the executive producers spending all their charisma points on attempting to force actresses and assistants to watch them shower in a hotel room during a “pizza party”, at least there are a few low-budget flicks here and there that seem worth the watch.


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