Gearbox Writer Job Listing Could Be For Borderlands 3

Gearbox has a mystery game currently in the works that is said to be a multiplayer shooter named Project 1v1. The same dev team also has Borderlands 3 in the works. A new writer job listing could hint to the latter’s development rather than the former.

Catching wind from publication site GameRant that Gearbox is looking to hire more people, one particular job connected to Gearbox hiring session happens to be under thorough examination and is that of a writer for an “AAA FPS/RPG”.

It’s safe to be skeptical about this new job listing and not relating it to Borderlands 3, but there seems to be strong ties that hint to this writing job being for Borderlands 3 and not for Project 1v1.

For starters, the writer job listing explains that Gearbox is looking for someone who can write for an unannounced big title that sports RPG elements and “strong characters” and “central narrative thread”, which can be read over below:

“looking for someone to join the writing team for an unannounced AAA FPS/RPG hybrid with strong characters and central narrative thread.”

According to the publication site we also learn that this person will “write, punch up and iterate scripts in-line with established story and plot outlines”. Furthermore, this person will cover writing dialogue for “voice-overs” and “mission-related” text. The thing that hints strongly to this job being related to Borderlands 3 is the following text that reads you must have a “love for comedy writing”.

Of course, though, all of this could be for Gearbox other game given that we have no definitive answer what is really going on right now at the studio, but what is for certain is that Gearbox has 90 percent of its team working or focusing on Borderlands 3, meaning that this job might be for the Sci-Fi first-person shooter RPG.

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