Grim Dawn: Ashes Of Malmouth Expansion Launches October 11th
Grim Dawn Ashes of Malmouth

Crate Entertainment announced that a brand new expansion pack is on the horizon for Grim Dawn called Ashes of Malmouth. The action-RPG oftentimes hailed as a true successor to Diablo II, also received a new trailer for the upcoming expansion, giving gamers both a firsthand look at the cinematic side and the gameplay side.

The 50 second intro to the expansion is a hand-painted cinematic that starts with a portal being opened and an eldritch monster coming through. We then get to see a number of abominations killing and eating people.

You can check it out below.

The imagery in that trailer really fits in well with the title of Grim Dawn, eh?

A second trailer was also released to further showcase what the new environments look like in the upcoming expansion pack, as well as some of the enemies that you’ll encounter along the way.

The 60fps trailer does a fine job of highlighting some of the really fresh and cool looking environments, including a Gothic town overrun with zombies, forests overtaken by corruption, and the new Necromancer character class that can summon the undead to help aide during battle.

You can check it out below.

The new expansion also includes a new merchant, 300 brand new items to collect, 14 new constellations, 40 new bosses and mini-bosses, along with the all new environments.

The two minute trailer manages to breeze through all of the content in a fairly detail-oriented way without over-exposing gamers to the expansion or giving away all of the secrets. It’s a nice balanced bit of promotion. I forgot just how smooth this game plays after seeing the videos again. It was both promoted and overshadowed during the release of Diablo III and the whole real-money auction house craze. But it’s nice to see that Crate has been able to carve out its own identity for the game.

Again, you can look for the Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth expansion to go live on PC starting October 11th next week.


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