Hello Neighbor And Bendy And The Ink Machine Cross Over Update Now Available

Dynamic Pixel and tinyBuild Games have teamed up with TheMeatly Games to bring gamers a mod that mixes Hello Neighbor and Bendy and the Ink Machine together. The mod for both games are currently available to download via Steam.

The news of this cross-over announcement can be traced back to Bendy and the Ink Machine’s Steam page, which reads the following information:

“This Halloween, Joey Drew Studios has a new neighbor!
It’s time for a little spooky fun with our BATIM fans and fans of Hello Neighbor.


For a limited time, the two games have crossed over.
Update your BATIM game for exciting new chills in ALL Chapters.


And when you’re done wandering the studio, check out Hello Neighbor on Steam to see how our ink has spread next door… ;)”

That’s right, upon updating your game of Bendy and the Ink Machine you will receive secrets hidden around the cartoon-looking world of Bendy, which a little thing of Hello Neighbor makes its way to the haunted studio.

In addition to this cross over, Hello Neighbor has a new “mod” out that turns the silly looking aesthetics into Bendy’s world. The color scheme and lighting changes, and gamers are treated to something else that isn’t of the norm:

“Hello Neighbors! We’ve cooked up something special this Halloween for you and fans of Bendy and the Ink Machine. A crossover event nonetheless.


You might want to checkout your default build.”

Before checking your default build of Hello Neighbor, a video showing what folks can expect via this little update or mod sits below.

I bet you’re wondering “how do I access this!?” Well, it’s simple. First you will need to have Hello Neighbor; the mod is available as the default build for everyone who “Pre-Purchases Hello Neighbor on Steam”. In other words, if you have the game pre-purchased you will gain access to this seasonal mod.

If you are wondering how Bendy’s cross over works, all you need to do is update your game and you should receive the latest “modded” version of Bendy and the Ink Machine/Hello Neighbor update.

For more information on Hello Neighbor’s update you can visit the official announcement page on Steam, which the same concept applies for Bendy and the Ink Machine’s cross over update via Steam.

Lastly, Hello Neighbor is available via GOG and Steam, while Bendy and the Ink Machine is only available through Steam.


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