How To Add More Games To SNES Classic Edition
SNES Classic Edition Guide

The SNES Classic Edition has been hacked, and there are now a couple of different methods available that you can use to add more ROMs and SNES titles to the library of Nintendo’s latest mini-console.

The best method for adding new games at the moment involves downloading the Hakchi2 tool from Github.

If you need help utilizing version Hakchi2 2.20, there’s a video guide from Patton Plays that gives you a brief rundown of how to use the tool with your SNES Classic Edition in order to add more games to the library. Check it out below.

Download and unzip the Hakchi2 content.

1 – Run the Hakchi.exe
2 – Plug your SNES Classic Edition into your PC via the USB port
3 – Make sure that your SNES Classic Edition is turned off.
4 – Click on “Dump The Kernel”.
5 – Follow the instructions for resetting the system.
6 – Proceed to Dump the kernel so you have a backup of your dump in case anything happens.
7 – To add more games click on “Add More Games”.
8 – Go into your download folder where you have your SNES ROMs and add the games you want.
9 – Select the games to make sure the options are correct.
10 – If you want the proper box art for the game, click on the “Google” button and select the box art you want.
11 – Now click on “Flash Custom Kernel” once you get done adding your custom games.
12 – Follow the instructions regarding the SNES Classic Edition power settings.
13 – Finally Click on “Synchronize Selected Games With NES/SNES Mini

Once you get done, boot up your SNES Classic Edition and scroll over until you see the icon that says “More Games”. Click on it and you should see all of the additional games added to the library.

Bam, you’re done.

The only thing you need to watch out for is the memory limit, which is 300MB. So you may have to rearrange your library if you add so many games that exceed the 300MB limit.


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