Inmates, Psychological Horror Game Lands On Steam With Mixed Reactions

Inmates Game

Iceberg Interactive and Davit Andreasyan’s psychological prison thriller, Inmates, has made its way onto the Steam store. The game is available right now for only $9.99, however during the first week of being on sale it’s discounted by 10% off for only $8.99.

The game is about a man named Jonathan who has a nightmare about being trapped in a horrifying prison. He wakes up and finds out that his nightmare is not a dream, but reality. Players will have to navigate through a maze of cells and dank hallways to discover what truths lie beneath the surface of the rotting prison floors.

The game is one of those walking-sim style horror titles where you don’t have weapons or any means of defending yourself, but it’s more about slowly exploring the environment while the story unravels. You can check out the launch trailer for Inmates below to get a grasp on what the graphics and gameplay is like.

The game’s recent release onto the Steam store didn’t garner it the most positive of reactions. Out of the 10 available reviews up for the game, there’s a mixed bag of results from customers.

The biggest complaints are about the slow and awkward movement speed for the character, and how the length of the playtime is artificially extended simply because it’s difficult moving around the environment.

The UnimaginativeHandle attempted to sum up the displeasure most reviewers had with Inmates, writing…

“It’s almost masterful how much the movement speed ruins a game that should just be kind of boring & turns it into one of the most unpleasant experiences on Steam, almost worth picking up (& then returning just to see it in action), starting out with a good 3 minute walk up a winding staircase set me on edge about what I was in for & it never recovered.”

A few people praised the game’s basic puzzles and atmosphere and a few more thought the game offered up some general scares. However, the recurring theme in the reviews is that Inmates is kind of a boring slogfest, despite having some decent visuals.

If you want to learn more or check out a few more user reviews, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.

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