Interstellar Prime Set To Release For PC On December 17th, 2018

Dreamcatcher Studio is set to bring gamers Interstellar Prime on December 17th, 2018. This game is currently slated for PC via Steam Early Access and features ground to space battles, first-person/third-person elements, RTS conflicts, base building, fully functional ships and planetary colonization. The latest demo or alpha build, however, is available to download right now.

Once featured on Steam Greenlight, Interstellar Prime now has a Steam Early Access page that also reflects a demo/alpha build. Unpolished features are a given, but the idea behind this move is to accumulate as much feedback as possible to polish the game up while in its current state.

A gameplay video that explains a large chuck of features that work and that don’t work can be seen right here. The video covers mining, space travel, interior ship navigation, ship maneuvers, mission quest types, and much more.

The video comes in by Dreamcatcher Studio‘s YouTube channel and can be seen below.

I’m sure graphics, lighting, textures and model files are on hold as of the moment seeing that bugs, properly working mechanics and optimization is likely to be the top concern.

Moreover, there’s no doubt that the devs behind Interstellar Prime have a diamond on hand, however I think that proper management of money and time will play a big role in the manifestation of bug squashing and significant progress. With that said, when its 2018 release pops up the game could offer a unique first-person/third-person, RTS, space to ground simulation experience, if all goes well.

If you want to play the demo or alpha version you can by heading on over to, which is accompanied by a description detailing the current state:

“Version 0.1 – game engine demo. The current version of the game is to demonstrate the current state of our game mechanics and core gameplay experience. It is single-player mode only with a few missions for the player to get the feel of INTERSTELLAR PRIME universe.”

There is also another way to access the demo or alpha by hitting up the “Download Demo” button on the right side of its Steam Early Access page.

More information on Dreamcatcher Studio and Interstellar Prime can be found over on the devs’ Facebook page.


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