Jaws Of Extinction, Story-Oriented Survival Sim Set To Enter Early Access On Steam

Jaws of Extinction

Kye Creations recently announced that Jaws of Extinction has made its way onto the Steam store as part of its Early Access run, following the game’s unsuccessful crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter back in June. Even though the developers were unable to secure funds to further help in the development of Jaws of Extinction, they’re still adamant on doing what they can to finish development.

The game starts with a story-oriented tutorial phase, as play an escapee from a penitentiary as you learn the ins and outs of the gameplay. The setup is very similar to State of Decay, where you play the third-person zombie survival game in hopes of escaping the hordes and helping rebuild some semblance of humanity once more.

You can check out the original gameplay trailer from back in June to get an idea of what Kye Creations has in store for the game.

The Kickstarter failed to raise the £25,000 that the team was looking for. It could have been because they didn’t spread the word far enough. Perhaps it was the female lead in the pitch video? These days a lot of people see those sorts of things as pandering to SJWs. It can hurt your game a lot more than help it… in some cases.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to play as the female lead from the story mode as she attempts to uncover the secrets of Eden-Nadir and why it was overrun with zombies, why the military is there trying to kill everyone, and trying to understand how such a dangerous place is teeming with exotic wildlife.

If you would prefer to play with friends you can check out the game’s cooperative mode, or if you would prefer to survive with and against others, you can play in the MMO mode.

The game combines traditional survival elements with the horror of the zombie hordes, a day and night cycle, wildlife, hidden secrets, a large explorable map, friendly and enemy NPCs, world events and quests, crafting, taming, harvesting, hunting, vehicle customization, and traveling hordes.

Maybe this will be what DayZ was supposed to be like?

Kye has plans on keeping Jaws of Extinction in Early Access over the next 12 to 18 months. If the game seems remotely interesting to you then feel free to check out the Steam store page.