Jydge, Co-op Cyberpunk Shooter Now Available On Steam, PS4

10tons Ltd announced that Jydge, the isometric, cooperative, action-shooter with destructible environments has officially launched on Steam for $14.99. You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for 20% off the normal price for only $11.99. The game is also available on the PlayStation Store for only $14.99 for the PS4.

The hook for Jydge is that you customize and “build” your own “judge” by customizing their equipment and loadout. It’s obviously based on the Judges from the 2000ad property Judge Dredd. However, instead of having a Lawbringer at your disposal, you’ll have a Gavel Rifle at your disposal that can be upgraded to dispatch of enemies in the most vicious means possible.

As a Jydge, you don’t rest because crime doesn’t sleep. It’s your job to dispense justice with unflinching prejudice and extreme severity. You can see how this all plays out with the gameplay trailer below.

Players will take their Jydge into the streets of Edenbyrg where the neon lights of the urban mega-city must stay bright and luminous despite the shadow of crime looming overhead.

Players will venture through the dirty allies, the strobe-filled clubs, and the rooftops of towering skyscrapers in order to track down and take out baddies.

The game is designed to give you various types of play-styles to manipulate, ranging from run-and-gun, to stealth, as well as being able to dispense of enemies using melee attacks.

Players are also able to make use of the destructible environments in order to leverage their position in an advantageous way.

If you enjoyed Neon Chrome, another game from 10tons, you might take a liking to Jydge, assuming you enjoy co-op twin-stick shooters and cyberpunk settings.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page or the official website. Alternatively you can take a moment to read the user reviews first if you’re considering picking up a digital copy of the game for PC or PS4.


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